Welcome to the WO Network

whosthislogoWhos This is a whois lookup website that allows you to find the owner, name servers and various other information about an IP or Domain name. It is a free and fast service that shows recent screenshots of the websites too.



Footie First is a community driven football news, gossip and rumour website with all it’s content submitted and voted on by it’s readers. It allows each reader to vote the stories up or down dependent on any factor they choose whether that be because they like or dislike the story or it’s credibility.


wologoWorld Operatives is a Web Hosting and Development solutions division. The World Operatives brand was the first in the WO series as recognized by the W & O. It was originally a web development and intranet services division but quickly adapted to the market. World Operatives was founded in January 2004.


jotinnlogoJotinn is a brand new, unreleased social network that we are currently working on. It takes on the basics of Twitter and is added with extra exciting features making it an extremely interesting project. We are hoping to launch the website in late December 2014.


fkslogoFree Kick Sport provides a huge collection of constantly updated news streams from across the Internet focused on Football. From transfers and gossip to rumours and banter all from reliable news sources. Also provides a variety of related pictures from Flickr.